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Only the Best

Every pattern and item has been hand crafted by BogDawgs. There is no subcontracting or mass production, guaranteeing that even "of-the-peg" items are individual..


Our "exclusive" range, is made in a limited number of seasonal inspired fabrics.

in addition to our time-honored "classic" range fabrics, which we consider "wardrobe must haves" .



Available on Request

It will be our pleasure to assist with bespoke makes for special occasions like birthdays, weddings and photoshoots.

Please send us an email with your request and we will reply with an up-to-date turnaround time and quote. Depending complexity, we will usually need 21 working days.


How to Measure

Although this is not as difficult as it looks, it is important to get it right! 

You need to measure:

1) From the top of the front shoulders, where the collar rest on the neck, along the back to the root of the tail

2) Around the neck, like a collar.

3) The circumference around the chest behind the front legs.

4) The circumference around the waist in front of the back legs..

5) The distance between the inside of the top of  the front legs. 

Click here for illustration

It does not matter if you measure in inches or centimeters, but try to measure as accurately as possible. Please ensure that your pup is standing up, as straight and still as possible, also ensure that you use a soft measure tape, and be consistent in your choice of measure. (We can not refund due to measuring errors).

Hand made
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