What we are about

If you have a special requests for a bespoke fabric, maybe one you have seen online Ebay etc, would like a different design, or if you have a great idea for an item for your favorite fur baby, it will be our pleasure to assist.



How and what to measure

Although this is not as difficult as it looks, it is important to get it right! 

You need to measure:

1) From where the collar rest on the neck, along the back all the way to the 'button-hole'.
2) Around the neck, like a nice loose collar. 3) The circumference around the chest

4) The circumference around the waist.

5) The distance between the inside of the front legs. 

Click here for illustration

It does not matter if you measure in inches or centimeters, but try to measure as accurately as possible. Please ensure that your pup is standing up, as straight and still as possible, also ensure that you use a soft measure tape, and be consistent in your choice of measure. (We can not refund due to measuring errors).



Only the Best

As a frequently-requested service, this has become one of our favorite projects. 
We love to upcycle and recycle! So when your favorite coat just needs a little tlc, or your pooch has grown a little, send the coat to us and we will alter it to fit!