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All our collars are made with a strong core of polypropylene webbing, and all pressure points have been triple stitched. For safety, we only use welded D-rings, and webbing and hardware that have been break load tested.


Acetal buckles (plastic)

Width: 17mm has a break load of 50kg. Width: 25mm has a break load of 95kg


Metal buckles

Width: 16mm has a break load of 120kg. Width: 25mm has a break load of 200kg

Our garments and accessories are made from quality fabrics. Many with high cotton content and quality print. To prevent colour loss and shrinkage, we recommend handwashing all garments using a gentle detergent.



Small 5/8” wide - 9.5-14.5" neck circumference

Medium 1” wide - 12.5-19.5" neck circumference  

Large 1” - 15.5-25.5" neck circumference

Brown Tartan with Gold Pinstripe Collar

    Tuxedo Harness
    shirt collars